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What is it?

A Psycho-educational Assessment, also known as an Educational Assessment, Learning Assessment, Education Assessment or an Academic Assessment — is considered the best means of gaining an in-depth understanding of a student’s learning style and better still, their potential to learn in the future.

An Educational Assessment is a structured evaluation of a person’s psychological development. It is a thorough assessment of your child’s intellectual, social and emotional development.

What does it consist of?

  • An intake meeting with parents and student which I will use to clarify the questions you would like to see answered.
    • (if a child is between 4-12 the intake and feedback will take place with just the parents. Students aged 13-18 will attend both intake and feedback meeting)
  • Two or three one-to-one sessions of approximately 3 hours (an assessment battery tailored to your child will be developed depending on child’s age and the specific concerns being evaluated.)
  • Questionnaires completed by parents, student and school
  • Observation in school and/or home setting (optional)
  • Clinician’s scoring, interpretation, and writing of report with assessment results, recommendations and possible diagnosis
  • Meeting to discuss the outcome and recommendations
  • Meeting with school to discuss recommendations and plan to move forward (optional)

How long before we will have the results?

The complete process will take between three to four weeks.


The meetings and assessment can take place at my office. 

Some international schools in The Hague provide the opportunity to have the assessment completed within the school premises, please check with your school whether I could use one of their rooms. 

The observations and meetings with school are at the school of your son/daughter.

If preferred I am also flexible to come to your house for the meetings and the assessment.

A possible travel fee might be added.


Please contact me to get an overview of the costs involved for an assessment.

Please be aware that appointments need to be cancelled with a 24 hours notice, otherwise you will receive an invoice and be charged a No-show / cancellation fee.


"Dealing with learning difficulties can be an uncertain and worrying time for the individual and supporting family. Mieke identified practical strategies to assist and support our son with managing and living with dyslexia."

Parent from British School of The Netherlands